At Complexions Medi+Spa we pride ourselves in offering the best in skincare to accompany the services we provide and ensure beautiful, radiant results. We are proud to announce our Exclusive Partnership with Skinprint© a leading manufacturer in medical grade cosmeceuticals which are only available to Skin Care Professionals.*

It is the overall health of your skin that promotes a beautiful, youthful complexion, this is what drives us in offering great skin care. Each product contains high percentages of the active ingredients to ensure the product will deliver maximum results and satisfaction. We are proud to offer cutting edge products with unique and innovative ingredients that are not available elsewhere.*

Use of our skin care will dramatically reverse the signs of aging. Some factors that can prematurely age your skin by breaking down collagen and elastin are; pollution, lack of sleep, stress, DE-hydration and worst of all,smoking. Our products are formulated with high percentages of anti-oxidants and peptides to battle the damage caused by these factors.*

Using a structured skin care regimen that contains peptides, anti-oxidants, exfoliating acids, and an SPF will peel back years on your face and neck.*

Begin to turn back the hands of time today with the use of our products. You can expect to see a reduction of lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and uneven skin tone. You will see an increase in your skin’s moisture, smoothness, firmness, tone and texture. We encourage everyone to take a before and after photo so that your progress is documented.*

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