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Getting your treatment through laser might sound scary but be reassured about the fact that it is a very easy, carefree and painless experience. The whole treatment is made up of various sessions where each session with the laser is less than an hour long. The variant of laser which you will be treated with is a low-level laser so it does not cause any accidental cuts or burns and actual laser to body contact will be approximately forty minutes to minimize overexposure.

This is the only known and approved method for target spot reduction of fat cells and with this process a combination of target areas like the waist, hips and thighs are periodically stimulated with twenty-minute bursts, first on the front side of the body and then the final twenty minutes on the back side. A treatment period will last up to two weeks and each week you will be administered three forty minute sessions, usually on alternating days. Throughout this period our physicians and team at the Huntington laser weight loss clinic will supervise you and guide you towards achieving maximum results in regards to the body type  and your weight loss goals.

Huntington laser weight loss treatment center understands everyone has a different lifestyle and we accommodate everybody’s request to make the experience as fun for them as we can. We have stocked some great meditation music for you to listen to during your session or maybe you are more inclined towards sounds of nature and binaural beats and frequencies. These white noise elements are known to enhance mood and increase concentration, you are more than welcome to consult with us on how you would like your particular session to be conducted for you!

During most of the sessions, you will in a very comfortable stationary position and all of the work be carried out by our laser technology that will be blasting the fat cells in your body will a specific frequency of energy. Since the sessions are about forty minutes, you will feel surprisingly energized and light after each treatment. Do not be alarmed by this, since it is a perfectly normal effect due to a charged energy levels in the body. Many important changes take places under your skin through the action of bioactivation,  which is the direct effect of the energy from the laser.


Make your goal a reality with the technology of laser weight loss in Huntington New York

weight loss treatment center in Huntington NYOur specialist strongly believes in the laser technology and prefer it, compared to the traditional fat reduction process of liposuction. It is in a stark contrast to the old surgical approach, with all the cutting, tearing and suctioning that ends up being so stressful on the body. Compared to the traditional approach, there is literally no recovery time after your laser session, since it is the laser doing all the work, and once it is switched off the session is considered over and you can continue your daily routine as normal while the fat cells start mobilizing in your body!

You will be pleased to know that the laser weight loss treatment center in Huntington NY has employed technology that is FDA approved.  It is backed up by four separate historic studies that scientifically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that laser fat loss is  a reality.

After the completion of your treatment, you will immediately notice up to 2.5 inches of reduction in your hips to about an inch shaved off your thighs, these results are fantastic compared to anything else we have ever witnessed before!

Even though the immediate results are apparent after a week of you finishing your treatment, for you to sustain the weight loss for a long term, our Huntington laser weight loss doctor will recommend a program of healthy eating and working out, so you can enjoy your brand new body for a long time to come.

Call us now to schedule an appointment with our friendly staff at the laser weight loss clinic in Huntington. We are eager to help you get that dream body which you have been waiting for all this time.


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