Things to Know About Laser Weight Loss in Huntington NY

Laser weight loss is now commonly used and accepted for removing fatty tissue. Since the FDA has approved of lipolysis in 2006 there have been many studies and clinical observations in laser weight loss Huntington for decreasing adiposity, improving skin tightening and quick recovery time. In the last few years, it has been discovered that laser lipolysis melts fatty tissue, induces collagenases with remodeling, promotes tissue tightening and coagulate small blood vessels. The best doctors in laser weight loss in Huntington New York have been a solution to many people.

Once the FDA had permitted the first laser device for lipolysis was introduced which was the 6W Nd: YAG laser and it was manufactured by Deka. It soon followed a swift arrival of additional wave lengths and devices that entered the market. Extensive marketing from companies and word of mouth publicity from many satisfied patients had peaked interest in laser lipolysis which had many turns to the laser weight loss treatment center Huntington NY for their surgery. A variety of wavelengths was employed in an effort to pinpoint the most effective skin tightening and lipolysis. In 2007 a detailed mathematical model of laser lipolysis that assessed a 980nm diode method using a 1064nm Nd: YAG device. The study recommended that it was heated and not a particular wavelength that led to skin tightening and lipolysis. It mentioned that an internal temperature range from 48 to 50°C is sufficient to induce skin tightening.

In 2008, Katz and McBean studied the Smart Lipo MPX, manufactured by Deka, which was a device capable of successively firing 1064nm/1320nm for lipolysis of skin tightening and unwanted fatty tissue. Their purpose was to study the efficacy and safety of the device, assess new collagen formation by scanning electron microscopic readings and histological, and estimate the skin-tightening effect by photographic measurements and documentation. Twenty subjects were enrolled in which five of them had a temporary India ink tattoos placed at treatment sites which were measured at the baseline over a one-month and three-month intervals. Results showed no adverse events and a decrease in localized adiposities. Among the five patients subsets the India ink tattoo maps showed an 18-percent reduction in surface area demonstrating a significant skin-tightening effect.Laser weight loss doctor Huntington NY have gone through all the research and studies to make sure they provide the best treatments using top of the line equipment that has been proven to be effective.

Benefits of Laser Weight Loss in Huntington New York

Spa ServicesLaser weight loss doctor Huntington NY have extensively studied that excessive binging and eating is the most common cause of weight gain which is caused mostly due to increased frustration, anxiety and stress levels. Laser weight loss in Huntington NY is becoming a popular normal way to lose weight by reducing the enticement of unrestrained eating and burning calories. While the laser will not follow to control the cravings, it does help in reducing craving by applying it to different pressure points on the body and ear.

  • ENDORPHIN RELEASE: Many people can experience cravings with changes in their diet that mostly leads to binge eating. The lack of endorphin is the cause of cravings. To balance out, the cravings can be done by laser weight loss in Huntington NY that can help the body in the release of endorphins.
  • REDUCE STRESS: When the cortisol that is the stress hormone of the body, is increased, it can alter the metabolism.The “stress hormone” is neutralized by laser weight loss doctor Huntington NY through the discharge of endorphins.
  • SUPPORT DIGESTION: Huntington laser weight loss clinic uses the Laser to also help the body create an efficient digestive process.
  • DETOXIFY FAT: Laser weight loss treatment center in Huntington NY can help detoxify fat cells as well, that are eliminated from the body by using the lymphatic system that promotes weight loss.

Complexion Medi spa has the best and most qualified doctors for laser weight loss in Huntington NY. It has been the solution to many patients with weight loss issues. Many satisfied patients recommend our laser weight loss treatment center Huntington NY, where they have the best equipment, staff, and doctors to ensure the best treatment. You can schedule an appointment and have a meeting with a doctor that based on tests will recommend the best treatment.

From the many treatment options, laser weight loss in Huntington New York is becoming increasingly popular due to the less recovery time and results achieved. All patients want a treatment that takes the least time in recovery and would be as painless as possible, also having scars is another concern for many patients. These are the reasons it is highly recommended to have a detailed conversation with your doctor and it is also necessary that you openly express your concerns. It not only helps your doctor suggest the best treatment for you, but it will also give them an understanding of your concerns.


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