Elastin Regrowth in Anti Aging Procedures Huntington NY

As people grow older, the elastin production in their skin begins to go down. Elastin is used to keep the skin tight and allows it to snap back. This can be tested by pinching an area of skin, pulling it back, and seeing the ‘snap back’ effect. When elastin is not being produced as often in the skin, this can cause the skin’s appearance to change. Skin will begin to sag, wrinkles may appear, and other noticeable differences will take place in the skin.

At Complexions Medi Spa, we believe everyone should look their best. We understand wanting to reverse the signs of aging. While you may feel your best on the inside, you may not look it on the outside. So why should your body hold you back from looking your best? Through our innovative anti-aging procedures in Huntington NY, we’ll have you looking your best in no time.

How Does the Anti Aging Procedure for Face Huntington, NY Work?

The way the procedure works to reverse the signs of aging on the face is very easy to understand. Basically, it takes care of pigmentation and vascular issues. The process starts off by making tiny injuries in your body. Your body has a natural healing process to deal with these injuries, and it kicks in at this stage. As your body is working to heal these small injuries, it provides the cells needed for new collagen and elastin.

As we grow older, our body tends to lose elastin and collagen. Finding ways to replace them is important for keeping the skin looking healthy. Intense Pulse Light, which is the process we use for anti-aging skin treatments, uses a broad spectrum light. It filters out undesirable wavelengths and addresses several skin conditions and abnormalities that are detrimental to your skin. The conditions Intense Pulse Light treats, also known as IPL, include the following:

  • Age Spots
  • Aging Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Flushing
  • Redness
  • Sun Damage
  • Varicose Veins
  • Unwanted Hair

IPL often has a better effect than other laser resurfacing treatments. IPL does not require a long recovery period or any downtime for the patient. Other methods for treating abnormal skin conditions often cause burning and blisters. These wounds can be uncomfortable for the patient. IPL takes care of many skin abnormalities, and can even use different wavelengths to repair different abnormalities in the skin.

How Does the RF Treatment at the Anti Aging Clinic Huntington, NY Work?

Bellafill BA 2The RF treatment is another effective, anti-aging treatment we use at Complexion Medi Spa. How it works is that the RF treatment heats up the fat cells which cause them to be removed from the adipose layer. Heat releases the fatty acids in the lymphatic system, and this causes it to act as a filter. Once the fatty acids are released from the adipocytes, they begin to shrink. This, in turn, causes changes in the skin that causes it to look more youthful. It’s one of the best treatments we have to offer.

When you’re searching for anti-aging treatments in Huntington NY for your skin to regain its youthful appearance. Why should it be complicated or difficult? W have a state-of-the-art anti-aging treatment facility to help you lose weight, but to also help our patients benefit in other ways as well. We understand as age begins to creep in, self-esteem can begin to dip as well. In some cases, this loss of self-esteem can take the form of depression too. You should not have to deal with it, and it’s why we seek to offer some the best solutions to help you look your best. So your appearance does not affect your overall mental health.

You deserve to be happy and finding the best doctor to help you with abnormal skin treatments can be tough. While it’s a challenge to find a doctor who not only cares about you but is a highly experienced physician in their field. It gives you peace of mind when you realize they know exactly how to help you, and how to move forward in your treatments. At our facility, you could come in for an anti-aging treatment and be out within a couple of hours.

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