The Four Products You Need to Rejuvenate Your Face

You’ve noticed, let’s face it. Your skin isn’t quite what it used to be. It takes a lot more scrubbing to get your makeup off at night, perhaps, or you’ve been finding that your skin dries too fast outside of the shower. The symptoms of an aging face aren’t hard to miss, and you’re usually the first one to notice. What can you do? After all, you’ve done everything you thought you could to help your skin thrive. Unfortunately, you’re no master when it comes to anti-aging. That’s why we’ve got anti-aging procedures in our clinic in Huntington, New York. We’ve been working hard with the best doctors to discover what four products you need to rejuvenate your face, and even without our help, you can take care of yourself! Check out what you should be using every day to avoid aging too rapidly.


You may have heard of these before, but we’re telling you honestly, taking care of your face is as easy as four steps. The first step, of course, is the cleanser. At night, you clean your face with a cleanser you can find in the beauty aisle. It helps clean off your makeup and whatever dirt you’ve accumulated, leaving your skin fresh and exposed to the air. This helps it heal up from the long day while you rest, without struggling to breathe past the dirt. You don’t want a harsh cleanser, as it can dry out your skin and cause acne and complexion problems, and you don’t want to wash your face too often. Once at night to clean off, and once in the morning, before applying your makeup.


Your next step occurs in the morning. While you shower, or afterwards, you’ll need a good exfoliator that promises a gentle scrub to help leave your skin fresh. It helps your skin by giving a deep clean. It helps clean out your pores and remove the dead skin from the night before, and keeps the skin clear. Again, avoid harsh exfoliators with a large amount of chemicals or alcohol, as they can harm your skin and cause it to dry out. Exfoliation should at most only be done once a day, though we recommend a proper exfoliation only once every other day, to keep your skin from getting too clean.


LactoBefore you apply your makeup in the morning to your freshly cleansed and exfoliated face, you’ve got two more steps to do. Applying a toner for sensitive skin helps clean your face up and seal it a little against the upcoming makeup. As usual, we recommend you stay away from harsh toners that contain alcohol, as they do unnecessarily dry your skin. There are plenty of options, however, so pick the one you prefer. There are some that help against acne specifically, while others focus on avoiding wrinkles. As long as you apply the toner and give it enough time to work, your skin will thank you. It helps remove excess oil that can cause problems later on, tightens up the skin and shrinks your pores. Having your pores too open causes them to collect dirt more easily, which can cause outbreaks of acne or other infections in the skin.


Finally, the step that no one forgets. Everyone knows that your skin needs to be moisturized, but many forget about the steps before it. If you get a moisturizer specifically for your face, it will help hydrate your skin even after you apply makeup over it. Find a facial moisturizer built for your skin type, and try it out. Apply it once the toner has dried, and allow it to dry before adding on your makeup. This protects the skin from the chemicals in the makeup, and moisturizer with sunscreen built in will help combat the aging effects of the sun. It provides a layer between the skin and the elements, allowing it to remain soft and hydrated through the day, and saving your face from aging prematurely.

It’s easy to forget about our face, or to think that one product will save our skin. It’s important to remember how to take care of ourselves, though! No one wants to look 50 when they’re only 38, and no one wants to wake up to peeling skin or sun spots. Take the time to take care of your face, and people won’t believe that you’ve ever aged! Just ask our anti-aging doctors at our clinic; they’re the ones who discovered the truth!


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