What is Elastin and Why do you Need It?

Hormone health in Huntington, NY is very important. Even more so is elastin. What is elastin though, and why do you need it? Many people are not sure what elastin is and why our bodies need it. If you’ve ever wondered why you may need elastin in your body. Allow us to explain it for you.

What is Elastin?

The definition for elastin is a long one. On a basic level though, the human body needs proteins in order to survive. All living organisms have these, and they are created by amino acids that are folded into a certain shape. The shape of the protein also determines how it will function within the body of the organism too.

Elastin can be found in the connective tissues of the body. It’s found in the skin and also the internal organs too. Many people may notice the name elastin is very similar to the word “elastic”. It’s due to the fact the elastin protein is very flexible and gives many tissues the elasticity they need in order to function.

How Does Elastin Function?

If you want to know how elastin functions. Pinch a patch of skin on your arm and let it go. Your skin will snap back into place. At the anti-aging clinic in Huntington, NY. They have ways of helping your skin to maintain this snap back of your skin. Your skin is able to do this due to the elastin contained within it.

Elastin is a crucial component for the arteries and veins too. When people go to the doctor’s office. One of the first checks made is blood pressure. Changes in the body can cause blood pressure to decrease and increase during the day. It’s important for our arteries and veins to to be able to adjust probably to these changes in pressure. The elasticity that elastin provides is what allows for the adjustment in your veins to happen.

Which Organs in the Body Rely on Elastin?

Many organs in the body rely on elastin. Of course, the first example you can see first hand is your own skin. Just by pinching it and seeing it snap back allows you to see elastin in action. Your veins adjust to deal with the changes in your blood pressure, but you can’t really see the changes.

Your lungs are another organ which use elastin as well. In fact, the lungs rely quite a bit on elastin in order to contract and expand. The elastin can be found in the tissues of the lungs and allows them to go back to their normal shape after each breath.

Is Elastin Vital For Our Bodies to Survive?

keep ypur skin healthyThe answer is yes. Elastin is extremely important, and even vital in order for our bodies to survive. If we did not have elastin in our skin, lungs, and other organs. We would not be able to function at all. Elastin allows our body to function and live like it should. If our lungs were unable to expand and go back to their regular shape. We would not be able to live.

Elastin is crucial for just about every living organism in order to survive. Each of our organs have a specific function, and a lot of them rely on elastin in order to function. Elastin is a type of protein which gives our organs their elastic property. There are different proteins with different function. The best way to think of it is of a key fitting into a lock. Each protein has its own function and contribution that allows our bodies to function.

Elastin is very important. Skin can become loose with age, but with a proper diet. The snap back of the skin can last quite a while. Elastin is a very vital protein in order for our bodies to function. Without it, many living organisms would not be able to exist. It makes elastin one of the most important proteins in the body along with a bunch of others too. So, if you’re ever wondered how your skin is able to maintain its elasticity. Now you know which protein allows it to snap back.



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